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Brouwhoeve, beer you deserve!
beer you deserve!
Foto de Brouwhoeve Stout

Brouwhoeve Stout

6% Alcohol - 33cl
* Gold medal winner – Dutch Beer Challenge 2019
* Winner Spain – World Beer Awards 2019

The beer is characterised by its roasted malts, which give it its characteristic dark colour. In addition, the various types of malt give the beer its slightly roasted aroma, mild caramel tones and a hint of fresh coffee with a mildly bitter aftertaste at the end.
EBC (colour) 65
EBU (bitterness) 28
Drinking temperature 6-8
With a nice dark head it looks like you’re pouring espresso in a glass. You can taste chocolate and coffee tones through the roasted malts. Thanks to the balanced ingredients, the connoisseur even tastes some blueberries, which makes it all balanced.
Alcohol percentage 6%
Content 33cl
Malt Pale Ale, Pilsner, Vienna, Munich, Cara, Special B
Hop Chinook, Bullion, St.Golding
Yeast SafAle S-33
EBC (colour) 65
EBU (bitterness) 28
Drinking temperature 6-8
World Beer Awards 2019
Dutch Beer Challenge 2019
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