Collaboration catering industry

Collaboration catering industry

Do you really want to be distinctive? Then brew your own beer!

Brewing your own beer for your own business. Your own beer, making your own recipes. Your own signature beer and seasonal beers. What could be better than serving your own beer to your customers? As far as we're concerned, that's what it's all about. But you get more than beer! We not only arrange your own beer, but also a complete merchandise package. It contains everything you need to promote your own craft beer.

Brouwhoeve brews for catering industry

Call us and we'll just make an appointment at the brewery. Too ordinary? Us? Do you want a little more blabla, more prestige? Well, then we'll come to you with a quick chat in a neat suit. In a Porsche! Then our dream will come true as well...

Branding Private Label beer for your company
Branding Private Label beer for your company

A private label beer creates distinctive character

The question of how to create distinctive character is one that we often discuss with entrepreneurs. After all, you don't want the standard package that every hospitality entrepreneur sells, but something unique. Something that will make you stand out from the crowd! It's perfectly possible with a private label beer! Your own special beer is a turnover generator. Because a quality beer with a specific and recognisable taste is beer that people come back for. Beer that people talk about. And that makes it not only a product, but also a powerful marketing tool!

Fun... Well, we can't take care of all the fun that's for sale in the world. But we can guarantee you plenty of fun in brainstorming. And have fun in what ultimately comes out of it too.
Our pleasure is your pleasure. Fun is working with like-minded people. So: dream with us...and let's start brewing fantastic beer.
Your beer
Your beer

We believe in fair products with a green and local character. Ingredients and flavours, not from a jar but from the ground! And you can taste that.... No other beer in the world tastes as good as home-brewed beer. Let's start by saying that we find the beer sector very fascinating! And certainly to do this from our brewery in Benissa. How could it be otherwise; what more do you want! Brewing top beers under the Spanish sun, now you!

Finding the right ingredients, combining the flavors, controlling the process with the precision of a Swiss movement. That's what makes beer brewing so interesting.

Together with us you decide what kind of beer you want to make and which ingredients best suit your beer. We will do this in a personal meeting in which we explain to you what the possibilities are, what tasty and exciting combinations are and how we can make them. We always take some of our beers with us to taste together. This will give you an idea of the palette of flavours we can make.

In the end you decide what we brew!

We offer an exclusive total concept for catering companies. A truly delicious beer with everything that goes with it. Choose your own beer types, bottles, label or label, beer mats, glasses etc. In consultation with the brewers of Brouwhoeve we look at the possibilities. And then we make it for you!


We always brew 500 litres. You don't have to purchase the full batch. The minimum order quantity is in principle 300 litres, depending on the type of beer that is brewed.

For larger quantities we plan several brewing sessions. We can also regularly brew the same type of beer.

But 'every man should stick to his own trade'! Many catering companies already have their so called own label sticked on an existing beer. This is demagoguery. There are a few companies that brew their own beer, but I still think you shouldn't try the profession of a brewer 'next to it'.
Together we brew the most of it
Together we brew the most of it

A house beer is a beer that has been brewed/developed by a catering company for its own restaurant or café. Existing beers that only get a special label (label beers) are not meant here.

By collaboration we brew the most of it. We are a partner who thinks along with you to get more out of your company. As a partner in business, we want you to grow along with our brands. How? We would be happy to discuss this with you.

Thinkers, you often know what you want and you have good ideas of your own. We think about it with you. Not to distract you from your idea because we supposedly know better. We think along with you to use our professional knowledge to see how your wishes can be implemented. We are your sparring partner. And if you don't have any ideas... then of course we have them! We are 'thinkers'.

Beer of the house

It is worth the effort and investment to sit down with us to take a closer look at the beer menu. “Everyone can get many different beautiful beers. But to pass on the knowledge, give thorough advice and train the staff, you first have to have that knowledge in house.

Another opportunity to stand out.

We brew our own beers, but of course you don't need to have a brewery for your own house beer. If you know who your guests are, you know which way you want to go in terms of taste. Then you can discuss further with us about taste and ingredients, and then have the beer produced at Brouwhoeve.

Beer of the house

In the same way that full-fledged beer lists are now being sold alongside wine lists in star shops, the distinction between beer and wine sommeliers will also fade in the future. "A sommelier used to be someone who knew everything about drinks. Wine, beer, spirits and even tea. It's really crazy that a sommelier in a restaurant doesn't know anything about beer now. But I think we're going back to the way it was. In the future, every self-respecting sommelier will know as much about beer as he does about wine, and special beer will be just as important in the catering industry."

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