Artisanal & small batch
Artisanal & small batch

At Brouwhoeve, the creative process takes place in cooperation with the ‘two-headed Phoenix’ distillers and as from 2020, on site in Benissa. As one of the only ‘warm distillers’, we remain true to the old saying ‘from grain to drink’ and take the time and trouble to grind rye and malt, to ferment it properly and distill according to centuries-old tradition.

During the distilling process we are obliged to roll up our sleeves. Because of this intensive manual work, mass production is impossible and our products are truly ‘small batch’.

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Craftmanship to the taste
Craftmanship to the taste

Being beer brewers we were already gripped by the fermentation process, we read a lot about it and started messing around with pots and jars. And it got ‘a little out of hands’… We have launched a brand: ‘DAVID’ Spirits.

In the distillery, where all products are made, we work according to the current Spanish laws and regulations. Despite these strict requirements and all modern techniques it is fortunately still possible to make craft products the old fashion way. And you can taste that difference…

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