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Traditionally distilled, from grain to drink
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Foto de Don Xavi premium Gin

Don Xavi premium Gin

42% Alcohol - 700ml
€ 29,85
incl. VAT
Don Xavi has a nose of dry juniper, fresh citrus and spicy coriander build to a surprising floral and green aroma of violets and rose. Complex and delicate.
There are lots of moments to celebrate life, and the craft beverages of the Brouwhoeve are an excellent fit. In our store in Benissa, we like to wrap up that moment for you! As a gift or for yourself, but always assured of a special taste experience.
Subtle sweetness transitions into spicy citrus and a fresh botanical touch.... An aftertaste of deep, more complex, rounded flavor with a lingering aroma of floral rose lingering on the pallet. A full spicy flavor with hints of rosemary. Afterwards you taste thyme and rosemary. It has a slightly bitter aftertaste. Herbs, flowers, leaves and citrus provide the spicy flavor!
Alcohol percentage 42%
Content 700ml
Tonic: Schweppes Tonic

Garnish: orange or lime peel or peeled rhubarb
Don Xavi gin & tonic:
- 4 to 5 cl Don Xavi gin
- Tonic: Schweppes Tonic
- Ice cubes
- Orange or lime peel or sprig of rosemary
- Long drink glass or large wine glass

Put the ice cubes into the long drink glass or large wine glass.
Pour the Don Xavi gin over them
Let the tonic slowly flow into the glass from the rim of the glass
Finish with orange or lime peel or a sprig of rosemary.
The amount of tonic is a function of your personal preference
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