Help onze horeca
Help onze horeca

Together we help our cafes and restaurants through the crisis. This can be done by ordering beer and spirits via our website for the benefit of your own favourite catering company.

Because of the measures surrounding the coronavirus, all catering establishments have been closed for a long time and will now carefully start again. A difficult time for the entrepreneurs now that they haven't been able to do their beloved business for a period of time and thus lose income.

Cosy from your home supporting your favorite hospitality company. That's win-win!

Are you at home and do you feel like a nice special beer or an artisanal spirits? Order beautiful beers, spirits or for example Hardzeltser online via this website in the webshop. 

You can indicate in your ordering process which hospitality company you want to support. The majority of the proceeds will then go to this company in the form of discounts on their orders at Brouwhoeve.

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Did you order one of our beautiful drinks through our website? Let us know! Did you as a hospitality company benefit from this initiative? Let us know as well! Share the message en masse on social media, so everyone is up to date. #Brouwhoeve

On behalf of the local restaurants, thank you!
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