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Traditionally distilled, from grain to drink
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Foto de Jenever


38% Alcohol - 500ml
€ 24,95
incl. VAT
This “old” Genever is distilled from 1/2th part malt wine - made from wheat,
barley malt, rye malt and smoked (barley) malt - and 1/2th part grain alcohol.
All this flavored with juniper distillate, French herbs and Swiss
Gentian and Spanish Orange.

This has been distilled four times.
There are lots of moments to celebrate life, and the craft beverages of the Brouwhoeve are an excellent fit. In our store in Benissa, we like to wrap up that moment for you! As a gift or for yourself, but always assured of a special taste experience.
Old Gin, traditionally and artisanally fired in which the various European herbs and spices give the soft and full flavor.
Alcohol percentage 38%
Content 500ml
Silver, International Spirit award 2020
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