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Brouwhoeve, beer you deserve!
beer you deserve!
Foto de Brouwhoeve Trigo

Brouwhoeve Trigo

5% Alcohol - 33cl
Brouwhoeve Trigo is a real classic and a pearl of Benissa. This is a perfect patio beer, a refreshing beer for all days of the week, of which you can easily order a second bottle or glass. The beer has a slightly bitter taste, dry and with a good acidity. It is slightly cloudy, pleasantly yellow and has a soft head.
EBC (colour) 5
EBU (bitterness) 15
Drinking temperature 4-8
Brew farm trigo beer, brewed from wheat

White beer originates from Belgium and is already about 400 years old. In the 1960s, white beer was virtually extinct, until milkman Pierre Celis thought it was a shame. He bought a beer brewery out of his savings.

Slowly but surely the popularity spread further across Belgium and quickly beyond. Opinions are divided as to why white beer is so hot. White beer owes its name to the colour of the beer. Brouwhoeve chooses to give it the name Trigo. This is more recognizable for a Spaniard.
Alcohol percentage 5%
Content 33cl
Malt Pilsner, Wheat
Hop Centennial, Willamette
Yeast SafAle S-33
EBC (colour) 5
EBU (bitterness) 15
Drinking temperature 4-8
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