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Foto de Sambuca


40% Alcohol - 700ml
€ 19,95
incl. VAT
The Sambuca is for everyone who adores aniseed and liquorice. A wonderful balance between these two flavours. Taste and experience!
There are lots of moments to celebrate life, and the craft beverages of the Brouwhoeve are an excellent fit. In our store in Benissa, we like to wrap up that moment for you! As a gift or for yourself, but always assured of a special taste experience.
Brouwhoeve Sambuca, beautiful full sweet taste of liquorice and light anise tones, this sambuca is perfect for drinking straight and for mixing. made with Aniseed, Fennel and Coriander. This sambuca with 40% alcohol is rich in flavor.
Alcohol percentage 40%
Content 700ml
The Sambuca is delicious as an aperitif and digestive! Why not? It's almost like a candy. Of course, it is also delicious with coffee or in an original cocktail.
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