Working at Brouwhoeve, a traditional beer brewery

We at Brouwhoeve are purebred beer brewers. Our approach is down-to-earth, full of enthusiasm and without fuss. With our head and with our heart, by rolling up our sleeves and popping them. Have you come to join our team?

The vacancies of Brouwhoeve
Working at Brouwhoeve is all about conviviality and hard work. Kitchen, service, brewery, everyone is doing his or her best every day to create something beautiful.
Bierbrouwerij Brouwhoeve te Benissa

An independent company, not listed on the stock exchange, no panting shareholders who just want to see money, no ego-tripping managers who can ruin the whole atmosphere in one fell swoop, no staff cutbacks that make everyone feel like harassment. Our experienced team, all sympathetic colleagues with one passion: brewing beautiful beers.

We don't like doing interesting things and we don't tell big stories. But go for the best results and the highest quality.

Brewing beers, that's what we get out of bed for and roll up our sleeves and go full steam ahead.

Waar wij ons bed voor uitkomen
Brew a beer! We get out of bed, roll up our sleeves and go full speed ahead.

We are looking for colleagues who do the work very well, are committed, feel responsible, socialize a little, deal with customers a little normal and are not too autistic. Radiant hostesses and charming hosts who can put a smile on the faces of our guests.

"Let's brew something beautiful together!"
That's how you come to our table!
That's how you come to our table!

Blow us over with a cover letter with CV and portfolio to

Applications are handled discreetly! Acquisition is not appreciated.

If we invite you for a job interview, you really don't have to put on a suit or a suit jacket, that's not the point. But pay attention:

  • We're not looking for brats who think they know everything. We're looking for you, because you're ramming smart: you have vwo or a university degree - you don't necessarily have to finish, I haven't either. Or just totally nix.
  • In fact, no older dickheads, who are only working on their retirement (I'll come back to that later). No stress resistant centipedes, who don't have a 9-5 mentality and who are ready for a new challenge. You don't recognize yourself in this at all. What you do say is that you are more handy and better at your job than most of your friends - after all, so are we.
  • Not people who think it's enough as long as they do their best. We prefer men without moustaches (but with beards) or women without support stockings! We prefer you because you hate dt-mistakes and have a lot of language - because I don't have that either.
  • The interesting thing about you is your flexibility and that you stand firm with two feet on the ground. So we're not looking for people who prefer to play an advisory role or people who have been overworked at home for a year and want to try again.

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